Brighten Up Your Home With Jellyfish Lighting

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Want to add new lighting fixtures inside or outside your home? You can count on 7 Stones Electric to make it happen. We'll move forward with your new lighting installation right away. We can listen closely to your needs and suggest the perfect lighting setup for your property.

Schedule a new lighting installation in Casper or Douglas, WY.

Your possibilities are endless

We offer a wide range of lighting fixture installations. No matter what you're after, we'll make it happen. We can install new canned lighting or under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen. Interested in lighting up your home exterior to make it more welcoming and inviting? We can install permanent JellyFish soffit lighting to really highlight your beautiful home.

You can control your new lights with an app on your phone, as well as a controller located in your garage. These lights look discreet and match the color of your home exterior so they don't stick out in the daytime.

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Create Custom Patterns

Create your own custom patterns by choosing from over 16 million color options and 20 different effects & movements.


You have the ability to turn on different sections of your home's lights with zoning. Run different patterns & colors in each zone at the same time or turn some zones off at certain times.

Cloud App

Control your Jellyfish lights from the designer app on your phone at home but when Wifi isn't available or you're not home, you can still run your lighting system with the cloud based app from anywhere!

Timers and Events

Set your lights on a scheduled timer so you never have to worry about if they are going to come on/off. Have a special event coming up? Program the lights to come on anytime during the month when those events are approaching!

Bright & Energy Efficient

Jellyfish's bright LED lights use less than one watt per light at the brightest white and can be dimmed anytime.

Discreet from the Street

Lights are permanently installed under the eaves & behind the trim of your house in a track that matches the color of your soffits. All wires are hidden inside the track and jumps are made discreetly to prevent visibility.